A full service financial team to fit the size of your business

Lighting the way to profitable growth

ClariFI Business Solutions is an accounting and financial consulting firm providing small to mid-sized business with holistic financial expertise and comprehensive financial services. We bring clarity to the financial picture which promotes long-term success without the expense of a hiring a CFO. We serve small to mid-sized businesses looking to optimize profits and growth.

There is a story residing in the financial numbers that can help drive better decisions leading to increased growth and profitability.

Small businesses deserve to have a financial expert by their side to:

  • coax your accounting data into actionable information.
  • develop financial models that provide pathways to pivot when things change unexpectedly.
  • nurture financially healthy habits and provide sophisticated financial insights.

We are a strategic business partner that can uncover the big picture story hidden in the financial data. You are passionate about your business and are an integral part of your local business community. Let us help your business thrive!

When you became a ClariFI client you will:

  • Uncover hidden profitability
  • Improve cash flow
  • Make better business decisions
  • Solve your greatest business challenges
  • Gain freedom to focus on your business – you do business, we do finance

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